KaKi Kunst

The man on the edge

The man on the edge
Touches the holy crown of loneliness

He destroys himself
To catch a shadow of the universe

He embraces the beauty and the ugliness of the world
And makes them his own

He becomes beauty and ugliness
And carries them out into the world

He abandons it
Turns around and starts looking for a new universe

Embrace, eat, digest, abandon
The vital cycle of the artist

He kills himself a thousand times
And stays alive

He drives on when you can't
He keeps you alive inside

The beauty of his (he)art
Lightens up any dark day

He carries the universe on his shoulders
A working class hero

He makes you believe
He makes you believe in his dope

Believe in music
Music that keeps you from falling

He is the reason that life and hope go on
Colourless days disappear with just one song

The man on the edge
Makes life in the cage bearable

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The man on the edge
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© Katrin Kittelmann